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A Corporate video can be a very effective marketing tool to grow your online business. It refers to the use of CD's, DVD's, HD videos and other media to promote a product or a service. A corporate video can also be used by companies to train their employees. It is also used by some companies to create product demonstrations .

The corporate communications manager is generally responsible for the video production. Most companies outsource the work to a corporate video production company. The production company creates and develops a script and storyboard by communicating with the clients.

A corporate communications manager usually gives the requirements to the production company. The production company comes up with ideas and strategies to meet the client requirements. It also involves writing an attractive story line and creating the script. Once the client is happy, the production company agrees to a budget and delivery schedule. This is often referred to as Pre-production.

The production work involves hiring actors, workers, presenters and contributors. It also involves finding a good location and hiring properties. The production work generally involves a large amount of people and consumes time to complete.

The director and cameraman play a very important role in this stage. They are responsible for creating a film based on the script and storyboard. A wide range of techniques and strategies are used in film making. The assistant director takes care of the shooting schedule and logistics. A sound designer handles the audio of the film. A sound mixer is responsible for recording and mixing the audio on the set. A choreographer is used for creating and coordinating dance scenes.

Once the shooting is complete and the film is recorded, It is sent to the video editor. The editor takes the shots and converts them into sequences. He then edits the footage, adds music, graphics and animations. Non-linear editing systems are used worldwide. The completed video is then handed over to the clients to be used for sales and marketing, education and training, testimonials, investor relations and building traffic to a website.

Video sharing websites have made a very significant impact on the web. Websites like YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Videoegg and Videojug have taken the Internet by storm. YouTube serves over 150 million videos daily to a worldwide audience. A corporate video can be uploaded and shared through these sites. It can be used as a very powerful and effective marketing campaign.

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Professional Corporate Video

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This article was published on 2011/06/23